Polygraph, Risk Management & Investigations
PAV Polygraph Services


In order to accommodate our clients nationally, we have over the past thirteen years identified associates that will and have been assisting PAV Polygraph Services. All examiners utilized by us have received APA accredited training and have a proven track record in conducting professional and quality polygraph examinations.

A name list of polygraph examiners and provinces below.


  • Chris Scheepers (SAPFED)
  • Cathy Veldthuizen (SAPFED & SAPPA)
  • Natalie Marler (Intern)
  • Walter Smit (SAPFED)                

Western Cape

  • Gary Hewitt (SAPPA)
  • Marc Bester (SAPFED & SAPPA)


  • Angus Stuart Pursell (SAPPA)


  • Phillip Minnaar (SAPFED)

Eastern / Southern Cape

  • Fanie Van Wyk (SAPFED)