Polygraph, Risk Management & Investigations
PAV Polygraph Services

Polygraph related Services.

Specific polygraph tests.

These tests relate to a specific incident that has taken place, e.g: theft, fraud, corruption, industrial espionage, assault, etc...
These tests are usually conducted to establish a person’s direct involvement or knowledge with regards to a specific incident

Routine / periodic / random polygraph test.

These tests relate to monthly routine or random tests to verify whether or not an employee or group of employees have been involved in any illegal, non procedural or unethical activities, with-in a company or organization that could be harmful to the company or organization.

Pre-employment integrity polygraph test.

These tests are related to basic honesty and integrity for purposes of employment. It gives the employer the opportunity to get to know more about their potential candidate.

Polygraph quality review services.

Quality reviews benefits both examiners as well as clients. It gives both examiners and clients of examiners the opportunity to verify results in cases of uncertainties or disputes.

Non polygraph related services.

Undercover operatives.


Risk management.