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PAV Polygraph Services is a division of PAV Forensics Services and specialises in polygraph examinations. We offer a larger variety of  services at www.pavforensics.co.za. We invite you to have a look.

We are a dynamic and service driven polygraph company with over 18 years polygraph experience, and believe that service excellence can only be achieved through experience. Our management team and associates are handpicked polygraph specialists and dedicated to always going the extra mile for both client and examinee.

Our offices are based in Pretoria but with our hand picked "Polygraph Associated Companies", we provide a professional polygraph service, not only in Pretoria but also Johannesburg, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and South Africa Nationally.

Our vision is to provide an accurate and reliable polygraph service to our clients and be one of the leading role players in the "Southern African" polygraph industry. We strive to have good relations with other polygraph companies and or polygraph examiners and with this, be in the position to provide our clients with a professional polygraph service.

Our motto is not to deviate from proven and validated polygraph procedures and polygraph protocol. A "wrong" polygraph result does not only affect the individual subjected to a polygraph test, but also the client requiring answers.

With accuracy in mind all polygraph examination results, (charts) are scored  manually by the polygraph examiner. As per standard procedures all results are reviewed by our associates and confirmed by Flip Vorster before submission.

PAV Polygraph Services represents polygraph examiners who comply with the national and international accredited standards for polygraph training and ethics. All polygraph examiners utilized by PAV Polygraph Services, received American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited training.

We also offer investigation and risk management services. In order to save costs for potential clients, all services can be contracted out to associates should this be required.


What is a Polygraph

Polygraph, (PDD) Psycho-Physiological Detection of deception, is also known as: Lie detecting, Truth verification, Lie detector, Truth detector, etc. It is an instrument that measures and records several physiological responses such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, breathing rhythms, body temperature and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions, on the proven theory that false answers will produce distinctive measurements.

Polygraph literally means "many writings" referring to several components used to measure physiological changes caused by the sympathetic nervous system during questioning. Polygraph testing has an extremely high success rate and accuracy, and is very effective in resolving typical crimes like theft, fraud and corruption.

Do not be misled. VSA, AVSA, DVSA, CVSA, LVA and MLVA, although methods of truth verification, is not polygraph. These methods of truth verification may have merit, but  lacks in extensive research and validity studies as polygraph.

Voice Polygraph does not exist.

Why use Polygraph

Although nobody would really admit to it, theft, corruption and dishonesty is crippling the South African economy. This is also true for people employed by companies. Every company has the right to protect their business against crime and dishonesty and to protect the profitability and viability of the company. The Polygraph, better known as a Lie Detector, can be used as an investigative tool in the event that dishonesty arises, to identify those innocent persons who may be implicated and to identify those who may be involved. This assists in shortening the investigative process, saving time, money and manpower. Polygraph also gives the employer the opportunity to get to know a potential new employee better in order to identify possible risk areas of these potential new employees. Being able to identify risk is always better than solving risk. Polygraph offers the following assistance to both employer and employees.

Specific Polygraph
tests are a valuable investigation tool. It gives the investigator and or employer doing the investigation, the information needed to establish in which way to channel an investigation. This eliminates the waste of valuable time. Not only does it eliminate time but also reduces the costs of long hours of investigation by reducing possible suspects. It will also assist in clearing persons wrongfully implicated in incidents.

Pre-employment integrity polygraph tests offer an employer the opportunity to identify a potential candidate with the highest level of integrity available to such an employer. It also reduces the chances of employing a candidate that may pose a security and financial risk to the company and management.

Random / Routine integrity maintenance polygraph tests afford the employee the opportunity to have hands on knowledge of the continued honesty and integrity of employees in the company. The importance of this information for a company’s management cannot be over emphasized.


Member of SAPFED (Southern African Polygraph Federation)

Member of BEPA (British European Polygraph Association)

Member of SATVC (South African Truth Verification Council)

APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited training



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